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Citizens opposed to Aggressive Wind Turbine Development

Our goal is to educate residents of Middlesex and Lambton Counties on the aggressive tactics of wind developers & on the detriments that are known to be caused by wind turbines.  Please visit Ontario Wind Resistance for updates & research– it is packed with very useful information provided by very helpful individuals.

Contact the Middlesex Wind Action Group:

“Our goals should not be blind opposition to progress but rather opposition to blind progress.” –John Muir–

Wind turbine noise, flicker, disruption, damage? Call them.

We will NOT be sientIf you are experiencing noise or any disturbance from wind turbine in the,

  • Adelaide, Bornish, Jericho, Goshen or Bluewater NextEra wind projects, contact:
    24 hrs NextEra hotline 1-877-463-4963 FREE;
    Derek at NextEra 519-318-0237 during business hours;
    Main Office Line: 416-364-9714
  • Adelaide or Cedar Point Suncor wind projects, contact:


  1. MOE office: Monday-Friday from 8:30-4:30 at the Sarnia office: 1-800-387-7784 FREE; London office 1-800-265-7672 FREE
  2. MOE Spills Hotline 24 hours 1-800 268-6060 FREE
  3. Your municipality
  4. Your MPP Monte Monte McNaughton, Bob Bailey, or Lisa Thompson.
  5. Media. Seriously. Otherwise your complaint will be buried amongst others. Sarnia Observer, London Free Press, Blackburn News, Petrolia Independent etc.***Keep a record of all your complaints. Ask for complaint numbers, names of who you are speaking with, heck – voice record the conversations!! These records have a habit of ‘getting lost’, and it’s your word against theirs.