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Former Liberal MP Crawford joins call for wind turbine moratorium

Chatham Daily News
A well-known Dover farmer-politician claims the proliferation of industrial wind turbines in his area has cost him the potential sale of his home.

Rex Crawford, former Dover reeve and Liberal MP, added his voice Thursday to a growing chorus of politicians and citizens demanding a moratorium on wind turbine construction.

Crawford, along with Lambton-Kent-Middlesex MP Bev Shipley and Lambton-Kent-Middlesex MPP Monte McNaughton, called for the moratorium while standing at the site of a yet-to-be constructed turbine less than 1,500 feet from Crawford’s home on Bear Line Road.

Crawford said the province is breaking all the rules that Dover had in place while he was reeve to protect farmland.

“We have some of the best farmland in Canada in Dover and it’s being taken over by wind turbines,” he said. “More than 55 turbines are being built in this area alone.”

Crawford said a potential Toronto buyer for his property withdrew his interest once he learned a wind turbine was being constructed within a stone’s throw from the property. Read article


MP: Wind turbines creating rift

By Bob Boughner, Chatham Daily News
All wind turbine projects in Ontario should be put on hold until results of a federal health study are known, says Lambton-Kent-Middlesex MP Bev Shipley. Shipley told The Chatham Daily News Friday he has received complaints from residents in the Mitchell’s Bay area in Chatham-Kent concerning the large number of turbines being erected in what appears to be record time.

The MP said he isn’t surprised by the lack of support both he and MPP Monte McNaughton have received from the McGuinty government. But he is surprised by the relative silence of major environmental organizations for their failure to speak up in calling for a moratorium.

“Environmental groups that are not usually shy about making their views known, seem to have lost their voice on this one for reasons I do not understand,” he said. “You would think that when it comes to protecting human health they would want to be as diligent as they are when their concerns are far less compelling.”

Shipley said he appreciates wind turbine development in Ontario is a provincial matter, but is convinced construction should halt until the results of the federal health study are tabled. He said there is currently not a scientific consensus to conclude whether there is a relationship between exposure to wind turbine noise and harm to human health. But he said that is what the federal health study may be able to determine. He said if there is a link between human health and noise from wind turbines, there is a need to protect citizens before the province compounds the problem by moving ahead with additional projects. Read the rest of this entry

Wind-turbine opponents laud resolution

NEXTRA: Company has plans for development
By Jonanthan Sher, The London Free Press

PARKHILL – The fight against industrial wind farms added a new ally Tuesday when a small municipality outside London lent a big hand.

North Middlesex council unanimously demanded the Ontario government halt all planned wind farms until Health Canada completes a study in 2014 examining the link between industrial wind turbines and human health.

It did so without a word of debate — there was little talk needed after Mayor Don Shipway and councilors went door-to-door with concerned residents in the weeks leading up to the vote.

The support was welcomed by Maureen Malone, whose farm south of Parkhill would be just 603 metres away from a turbine planned by NextEra Energy Canada, which wants to put up 48 turbines in North Middlesex and another 38 in neighbouring Adelaide-Metcalfe Township.

“(They) came to my house. They are listeners,” she said of her council. Read the rest of this entry

Support the moratorium on wind turbines

Sarnia Observer – Letters
Sir: I am writing to join with Monte McNaughton (Lambton-Kent-Middlesex PC) and Bev Shipley (Lambton-Kent-Middlesex CPC) Bob Bailey (Sarnia-Lambton) along with Tim Hudak in their call for a moratorium on the continued development of wind turbines in our area, at least until the Health Canada research study is completed in 2014.

Those of us who live and work in the area of development are working hard out here in rural Ontario, to get the message to Premier McGuinty that there is massive opposition to all wind turbines that have already been put up as well as those which are in the development stage. Information is the key to our opposition, because it seems that as more and more information on the costs and the health effects are disclosed to the constituents in Ontario, the more the opposition grows against green energy.

The Green Energy Act which the government enacted, is in direct contradiction to my rights as a citizen of Canada. The act takes away the ability of our local municipal politicians to act on behalf of their constituents. Even though the Liberals were re-elected in the last election, it was by a thin majority and without any support from rural Ontario. They will have to run again in the future, and I for one will be getting out of my chair and working hard to make sure that they are not re-elected again. I can only hope that the damage that they are doing to our landscape out here in rural Ontario is not too far gone before that happens.

Karen Warner

LKM: Local Politicians Call for Wind Turbine Moratorium

981 FreeFM, by Avery Moore
What is now flat farmland and forest in Middlesex and Lambton County could soon become a landscape dotted with wind turbines. But Lambton-Kent-Middlesex MP Bev Shipley and MPP Monte McNaughton are asking for the provincial government to put several wind projects on hold. Shipley says Ontario should not build any more turbines until the results of a recently announced Health Canada study on the health effects of wind turbines are out in 2014. Read article

Stopping turbines ‘right thing’

Opponents fighting plans to add dozens of wind turbines in rural communities near London say the turbines shouldn’t go up until a recently announced study by Health Canada is finished.
By DEBORA VAN BRENK, The London Free Press
PARKHILL – It was quiet enough to hear crickets in the cornfield and to make any occasional truck traffic a head-turning event.

Into this, wind companies want to situate a dizzying number of noisy wind turbines even though the health effects on nearby residents is unknown, critics charged Monday.

A provincial and federal Tory politician each called for a halt to building more machines until a Health Canada study is complete in 2014.

“It is, in my mind . . . just the right thing to do,” said MP Bev Shipley at an intersection near the intended axis of a cluster of 45 NextEra turbines south of Parkhill.

In the Lambton-Kent-Middlesex riding alone 400 turbines are planned, MPP Monte McNaughton said.

Calling the Green Energy Act a “disaster,” McNaughton said he would “absolutely” ditch turbine planning even if health studies show they’re benign. The Green Energy Act, McNaughton said, is “a waste of taxpayer dollars and a trampling of Ontarians’ rights.” Read the rest of this entry