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Bluewater files for intervener status for Goshen Wind leave to Construct

Goshen transmission mapLakeshore Advance
The municipality will seek intervener status for Next Era’s leave to construct for the Goshen Wind Energy Centre. Since the municipality only had 10 days left to file for intervener status, Bluewater’s Chief Administrative Officer Steve McAuley, asked council how they wished to proceed with the leave to construct.

“We need to deal with this notice because they come fast and fierce. It’s the nature of the beast,” said McAuley at the meeting. McAuley suggested to council that they seek intervener status, so they can be informed of the comings and goings happening with the Ontario Energy Board and also ask for an oral hearing and to have their costs to be covered. The exact same thing council requested for Next Era’s previous leave to construct for the Bluewater Wind Energy Centre.

McAuley said that since the municipality had requested intervener status and an oral hearing with Next Era’s Bluewater Wind Energy Centre, council can expect similar results, including not being appointed costs and not receiving the oral hearing. Read article


Blowing in the wind, rural residents take their fight to Toronto

By Lynda Hillman-Rapley Lakeshore Advance

Keep up the fight says wind farm protesters

Hundreds of rural residents, including many from Lambton and Huron counties, brought their impassioned fight against industrial wind turbines to Canada’s most populous city last Tuesday.

The anti-turbine troops arrived by the busload at their latest battleground, Simcoe Park on Front St., outside the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and the third annual Ontario Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) Forum.

Their ammunition: large placards that decry what they say are the Liberal government steamrolling a green energy agenda over rural Ontario.

Their mission, said Dave Griffith, the chair of Bluewater Against Turbines (BAT) was to educate urban residents about the “problems” of wind turbines and the province’s FIT program and make a unified stand against further developments. On one of the ten busses that traveled from all areas of southwestern Ontario, Patti Keller handed out reading material regarding health, tourism, costs and home values.

After the trip Griffith said, “For those of you who still feel this may be too little, too late, let me assure you this first wave of 110 turbines (along our west coast) is just that, the first wave in a series – we must keep up the fight and we will, trust me, I am like the dog with a rag doll and I am not about to let go.”

The battle, they say, has pitted the province’s Liberal government and massive energy corporations against the livelihood and health of people who live on farms, down rural concessions and in tiny country villages.

At the rally, Lorrie Gillis, one of the events organizers said, “We’re not going away. We’re not going to stop fighting.”

Between 700 and 1,000 people attended the rally and walked around the block in downtown Toronto.

Mark Davis, Deputy Mayor of Arran-Elderslie, noted in his address at the downtown event that this protest was a first for many people, but they felt they had to do it. He characterized the group as “dignified” which is the way we rural people live. Read the rest of this entry

NextEra & Suncor explain “Community Bribe-Vibrancy”

Ed- the wind companies spoke very quietly about some points about their bribrancy fund, which caused an audience member to speak out and asay, “Could you speak up please, we can’t hear your BRIBES!”.

Lynda Hillman-Rapley Lakeshore Advance

Even with the outbursts from the gallery, Derek Dudek, NextEra Energy Canada, Community Relations updated Lambton Shores council regarding the Jericho WEC Project. They hope to begin construction in late summer 2013. They continue to do archaeological and ecological fieldwork as well as bat and bird monitoring throughout 2012.

NextEra Energy Canada has been awarded approval under the province’s Feed-In Tariff program to sell energy to Ontario from NextEra’s proposed Jericho Wind Energy Centre, an up to 150-megawatt wind turbine project planned for Lambton Shores. The company is working its way through planning for the project and NextEra representatives met with Lambton Shores officials last week. Speaking for the company at the meeting was Derek Dudek. He explained the timeline for their Jericho project stating they hope to go into the Ministry of the Environment approval stage at the end of 2012 and then building in 2013. Although he did not have dates for public meetings he did say the municipality would see the layouts 90 days prior to the public meeting and the public 60 days prior to the public meeting. Read the rest of this entry