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Council’s improper closed meeting with wind developer outed

IMG_6307Over the past five years there have been many questionable ‘meetings’ in the Adelaide-Metcalfe council chambers, especially when wind turbines are involved. For starters, the mayor and the deputy-mayor have close relatives who have signed wind option agreements, and they never declare a conflict of interest. Then there was the time the police were called to stop a resident from video recording the open meetings. Oh yes and when the CAO’s husband physically struck out at a resident taking a picture of them entering a closed meeting with Suncor. Items have been left off agendas, mis-reported in minutes…the list goes on, and frustration builds.

So to say the residents are skeptical, leery, untrusting of this council, is an understatement. And for good reason. Even the ombudsman’s office has had their fill of this council. With 6 “Best Practices”, and 3 “Violations” found in the last year and a half, this little township of 3000 is practically topping the province for infractions— beating out the big cities (oh yes, even London).

If a resident happens upon an improper closed meeting, it’s usually by fluke. And so it was with the most recent revelation with the Ad-Met council, when a closed meeting on January 25, 2012 was discovered in the “Municipal Correspondence” section of the wind developer WPD’s submission (See pg. 130). Yep, check those out for your local project!

The Township CAO/treasurer Fran Urbshott, was contacted by the office of the Ombudsman and an investigation has been initiated, as all but one of the township councillors and the mayor were there— a quorum present and the public was not invited, let alone notified….nor were minutes taken….the township has no record of the meeting, thankfully the wind company does. Read the rest of this entry


Haldimand Appeal – May 4th

By Harvey Wrightman
Driving down-country on the Norwich Road, I was reminded of the beauty of this part of Ontario which still retains a significant forest – very lovely and one could easily imagine a life here; but, then I had a vision of the parasitic wind reps who probably were on the same road, driving some generic white/black SUV with blacked-out windows. They are thick everywhere, and hadn’t I just heard that there were 30 of them bivouacked in the Forest Sands Hotel. The wind companies need a lot of these thugs.

I soon arrived in Haggersville, the site of the ERT appeal into the Summerhaven Wind project owned by FPL – sorry, they don’t like the name of the corporate sire (Florida Power and Light) – so it’s NextEra.  A name so much more contemporary and less “industrial”.

TCI, the Irish company (I wonder if ever they will actually build a project), signed all the leaseholders to the original contracts, then sold them out to NextEra. Irish BS goes further than anything the dour reps of NextEra with their pinched faces could ever manage.

The venue for the hearing is an older community centre, a smallish room with a parquet dance floor and simple, functional furniture. The mercury lights are right out of a hockey arena, casting a blue/green synthetic glow and humming so much that it was at times, difficult to hear. But we all made the best of it and a goodly number of locals were in attendance. I have some new friends now.

Since it wasn’t all cushy and proper like the county council chambers in Chatham, the audience acted more like they were at a card party, but a relatively quiet one. The topic was an important one: MOE motions to dismiss both the Haldimand Wind Concerns appeal AND the appeal of Bill Monture, a Mohawk living a traditional life, not aligned with the elected council or the HDI. The MOE lawyer, Ms. Harris, showed lots of gumption, but I’d have to say she had quite a lot on her platter for the day, as you will see. Read the rest of this entry

Wind farm hits more turbulence

By Paul Morden, Sarnia Observer Thursday, April 5, 2012

Plympton-Wyoming Mayor Lonny Napper says he welcomes a citizens’ group that’s formed to fight Suncor Energy’s plan for a 100 MW wind farm.

Plympton-Wyoming and neighbouring Lambton Shores could be home to up to 62 wind turbines proposed for the company’s Cedar Point Wind Power Project.

Several residents of Plympton-Wyoming formed We’re Against Industrial Turbines (WAIT) soon after Suncor announced it’s holding a public meeting April 18, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., at the Camlachie Community Centre, said to Ron Schenk, WAIT’s communications director and a member of town council.

“I’ve encouraged groups to form,” Napper said. “I’ve always felt that it’s best fought by the people, rather than the councils of the day.

“There’s a lot of people power out there, and they’re not restricted by the Municipal Act on how they can meet. I think it’s great they’re forming this group.”

WAIT has a website –  – and is collecting signatures and volunteers. Read the rest of this entry

Wind farm stirs up storm

PLYMPTON-WYOMING – Suncor Energy’s plan to build a 100 MW wind farm in Lambton County has the potential to divide the community, a Plympton-Wyoming councillor warns.

Opposition to the Cedar Point Wind Power Project is growing in the municipality, said Coun. Ron Schenk.

“As the news gets out, more and more people are realizing what’s happening,” he said.

Suncor has public meetings scheduled for April 18 at the Camlachie Community Centre, and April 19, at the Forest legion hall on Albert Street. Both meetings are 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

“There will be officials there from Suncor to respond to questions and look at the various maps and displays with people,” said Suncor spokesperson Michael Southern.

He said the company is just beginning the public consultation process required for provincial environmental approval of the project, which was awarded a 20-year Feed-in Tariff power purchase contract last July by the Ontario Power Authority.

A draft project report Suncor has posted on its website says the Cedar Point Wind Power Project will have up to 62 wind turbines in an area stretching from O’Brien Road, north of Highway 402, in Plympton-Wyoming to just west of Thedford in Lambton-Shores.

The report says construction could begin in June 2013, with the turbines operating by the following summer.

Schenk said he’s not a fan of the project or Ontario’s Green Energy Act.

“I don’t like it because of the way it divides the community,” Schenk said. “It makes winners and losers of people.”

The winners will be landowners paid for having a turbine on their property, and the losers will be their neighbours who have to live with the turbines without any compensation, he said. Read the rest of this entry

Getting tough on turbines – Plympton-Wyoming

Plympton-Wyoming wants big money from wind operators

By Heather Wright  Sarnia This Week

PLYMPTON-WYOMING – Plympton-Wyoming says industrial wind turbine operators will have to put down a $200,000 deposit for each of the massive energy makers before any soil is turned.

It’s one of two new standards the township council passed recently in an effort to “protect our people,” according to Plympton-Wyoming Mayor Lonny Napper.

After the province passed the Green Energy Act, municipalities had very little say in where or how many industrial wind turbines would be erected in the territory. Suncor currently plans a 29 turbine project in Plympton-Wyoming, a move Napper is worried about.

In January, council passed the bylaw calling for the $200,000 deposit reasoning there had to be money available so the turbines could be dismantled if, in 20 years, the original owners abandon the machinery.

For Suncor, that would mean cutting a $5.8 million check to Plympton-Wyoming.

“We thought with all the companies coming in – we don’t know these companies – if the turbines have to be removed, it gives you some security,” says Napper. “We want the assurance that if some company comes in and puts up forty of them, (and) they’re gone – when they are worn out – what do you do with them? Read the rest of this entry

Name Confusion? White Pines = Adelaide II wind project…

So the contract that farmers are being shown are called “Adelaide II” but all the publicity call the project “White Pines” (wherever that is). Oh no, no confusion there…

From TCI Renewables (who will flip this project to NextEra):

“Adelaide II was a longer term project based on the view that the transmission lines in the ‘West of London’ transmission area would likely be upgraded to facilitate the connection of additional renewable capacity. Given that there were a few projects called Adelaide already, we decided it was best to change the name to White Pines in an attempt to avoid confusion.

This project is in the early stages of development and therefore the project infrastructure has not yet been identified or designed. We will issue a project notice and notify the public as per REA guidelines, in the event that this project moves forward in the development process.

As for the overall project area however, the project will generally be located to the west of the current Adelaide I project area. Sorry we can’t be any more precise at this point, but we’re still evaluating the project constraints and transmission options.”

NextEra Adelaide Transmission route (proposed)

NextEra Ad- Adelaide Wind Development – London Free Press Nov 21, 2011



White Pines Project (Adelaide-Metcalfe)-more from those TCI *@#$%^&

Like anybody needs to or wants to know about this, but good ‘ol sell-out TCI Renewables is scratching together another project for Adelaide-Metcalfe 80-100MW (~50-70 wind turbines).

Directly from from TCI’s website, here’s their plan:

Location: Vicinity of Adelaide-Metcalfe Township, Middlesex County, SW Ontario
Capacity: 80-100MW
Stage: Feasibility (Complete), Land Acquisition (On-going), Pre-development Works (Complete), Currently in Development Phase Read the rest of this entry

Transmission Map & so called Public Meeting

More issues for Adelaide-Metcalfe election

At the all-candidates debate held on Tuesday evening,mayor-elect David Bolton stated his goal was to “continue the continuity” of the current regime. Some features of that continuity are:

  1. Sewers brought to Kerwood (very good), but no water. What are the chances of that happening in the next 10 years?
  2. No surplus house severances, councillor MacKinnon was the only one who voted in favour of severances. This has become an ideological subject which defies logic. As the planner noted, there are 160 potential surplus houses which presumably are now rental units.It makes better sense to have them severed and make home-owners out of renters. It would add ~ $200,000 to the tax base with no development costs.
  3. All candidates view the development of the Hwy 81 corridor as crucial to providing increased assessment. How that will happen is a mystery. As was pointed out by Putts Strybosch, the mayor is the salesman/ambassador for the township who answers the questions and makes the presentations to any commercial/industrial inquiries. He also noted that there is no office phone # for the mayor and no e-mail address, only a home phone #. This speaks of a backwoods way of doing business. The phone calls will go to Strathroy/Caradoc first.
  4. Re: stray voltage from the 115 kv “pump line” which both wind projects Read the rest of this entry

Adelaide-Metcalfe Candidates Debate

Thought we weren’t going to have one? Looks like we may get a last minute debate after all! Tell your family, friends and neighbours to come.

Kerwood Adelaide Metcalfe Optimist Club

All-Candidates Debate

Date: Tuesday, October 19

Place: Adelaide W.G MacDonald School

Time: 7:30PM