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Over 100 wind turbines in Middlesex County now under construction

DSCF4734Right now in Middlesex County:

  • Suncor’s Adelaide wind project was approved today: read more
  • WPD’s Napier project approved last week: read more
  • NextEra’s Adelaide wind project is almost done the appeal process. read more
  • NextEra’s Bornish wind project’s appeal denied. read more

All the proposed wind projects in Middlesex County (above) have now been approved and will be under construction, if they aren’t’ already. That’s over 100 wind turbines. If you want to see what it look like, check these pictures out, or come out and see for yourself.

In Lambton county:

  • NextEra’s Jericho wind up for final public comment: read more
  • Suncor’s Cedar Point wind up for final public comment: read more

That’s another 130+ wind turbines.

Grand Bend? That’s another 111 turbines.

This is what Christmas looks like to many in rural Middlesex and Lambton Counties.

If you have 100 good ideas of how to stop the wind turbines, just implement 1 of them on your own. That makes a difference. Action is what is need!


Wind development planned near Grand Bend

Grand BendBy Paul Morden, Sarnia Observer
Aamjiwnaang First Nation officials gathered Thursday to celebrate the community’s investment in a $380-million wind farm near Grand Bend. Aamjiwnaang and Bkejwanong First Nation at Walpole Island have each taken 25% shares in Northland Power’s Grand Bend Wind Farm project.

“We’re expecting a large influx of generated revenue from the project,” said Aamjiwnaang Chief Chris Plain. “It’s going to create some opportunities for us for further development in the community … we’re excited about those opportunities.”

Northland CEO John Brace said construction could begin as early as this fall on up to 48 turbines planned for Huron County. The company has a contract to sell power from the wind farm into the province’s electricity grid and is now awaiting provincial approvals. “We’re aiming for being online and in full production by the end of next year,” Brace said. He said a pair of provincial programs helped make the partnership with the First Nations possible. One program adds an incentive to the price paid for the energy generated by renewable projects involving First Nations. The second is Ontario’s Aboriginal Loan Guarantee Program that helps First Nations borrow money to investment in renewable energy projects. Read article

Massive line clears way for wind projects

GREEN ENERGY: $700-million project completed
By JOHN MINER, The London Free Press

Completion of the biggest transmission line project in Ontario in 20 years clears an important hurdle for a series of massive wind turbine projects in Southwestern Ontario, including eight within 70 kilometres of London.

Completed six months ahead of schedule, the $700-million Bruce to Milton transmission project will allow electricity to flow from refurbished reactors at the Bruce Nuclear Generating Station, and from wind and solar projects that have received conditional contracts under Ontario’s green energy program. Read the rest of this entry

They sound homey — they aren’t

By JOHN MINER, The London Free Press
GREEN ENERGY: Don’t be fooled by the names of many of the massive wind farms sprouting up across Southwestern Ontario. There’s a local ring to them, but they’re actually owned by multinationals as far-flung as Calgary, Florida and China, to name a few. John Miner reports.

The names have a comforting, familiar ring — Adelaide, Bluewater, Goshen, Bornish. Jericho.

But if you’re looking for who controls the massive wind farms under development in this part of Ontario, you won’t find their head office anywhere close to their local namesakes.

While incorporated as separate companies with local-sounding names, the real control of these wind farms resides in Juno Beach, Fla., home to NextEra Energy, the third largest nuclear power company in the U.S. and the largest industrial wind company in North America.

NextEra Energy owns Florida Power and Light and NextEra Energy Resources, which owns NextEra Energy Canada. It, in turn, owns the planned Adelaide Wind Farm, as well as neighbouring Bornish, Goshen and Jericho.

It’s a similar story for much of the fresh wave of wind farms that have won contracts with the Ontario government. Read the rest of this entry

Grand Bend – 63 wind turbines crowd L. Huron shore

Grand Bend people- this isn’t going to be pretty. Cottagers: do you mind being inside a 2km wind turbine ‘buffer zone’?  Not like Northland Power is really asking. Be sure to take a look at these newly released maps and share:

Draft Site Plan- MAP & Close-up Map & Homes with 2km ‘buffer zone’
Project Documents

63 (1.6MW) Wind Turbines

From Notice: “Grand Bend Wind Limited Partnership c/o Northland Power Inc. is planning to engage in a renewable energy Project in respect of which the issuance of a renewable energy approval is required. The distribution of this Notice of Draft Site Plan (“Notice”) is subject to the provisions of the Environmental Protection Act (“Act”) Part V.0.1 and Ontario Regulation 359/09 (“Regulation”). This notice is being distributed in accordance with Section 15 of the Regulation prior to an application being submitted and assessed for completeness by the Ministry of the Environment. The legal effect of this Notice is such that pursuant to Section 54 of the Regulation, Grand Bend Wind Limited Partnership has to take into account noise receptors as defined by the Act that only existed as of the day before Grand Bend Wind Limited Partnership published this Notice.

Project Description:
Pursuant to the Act and Regulation, the facility, in respect of which this Project is to be engaged in, is considered to be a Class 4 Wind Energy Facility. If approved, this facility would have a total maximum name plate capacity of 100 MW and consist of up to 48 turbines on privately owned leased lands. The Project also includes towers, step-up transformers, an underground and/ or overhead electrical collection system, a sub-station to connect to Hydro One power line provincial grid) as well as other ancillary facilities such as temporary construction areas and turbine access roads with culvert crossings, where required. “

Read the rest of this entry

Grand Bend Wind Public Info meetings: April 5 & 12

Grand Bend Wind Public Meetings
April 5
Time: 5 – 8PM
Bluewater Community Center/Zurich Arena, 15 East St, Zurich

Date: April 12
5 – 8PM
Seaforth and District Community Centre; 122 Duke Street, Seaforth


Concerned citizens attend wind turbine meeting

February 22, 2012 Scott Nixon– Exeter Times

GRAND BEND – Those interested and concerned about the several large-scale wind turbine projects planned for the region packed the Grand Bend Public School gym last Thursday for an information meeting presented by the Middlesex-Lambton Wind Action Group (MLWAG).

Guest speakers presented information on the health concerns of humans living near wind turbines, the impact on the environment, real estate values and electrical pollution.

MLWAG is appealing the Zephyr Wind Development in the Watford area and member Muriel Allingham kicked off the meeting by noting that 422 industrial wind turbines are planned for Huron County, with 250 in Lambton Shores, including 48 in the Grand Bend area. She said the turbines are taller than a 50-storey building.
“These things are quite big monstrosities.”

Of the concerns some members of the public have about large wind farms is the potential of the harm the turbines will do to their health. On that note, the Michaud family of Thamesville spoke about how their health has been affected since turbines were erected near their hobby farm.

The family built their home in 2006, discovering in 2009 that turbines were planned for the area. Within two days of the new turbines going online, Lisa Michaud was in the emergency room with vertigo. She has experienced sleep deprivation from the constant sound of the turbines and has a constant ringing in her ears, along with pain. Read the rest of this entry

Grand Bend gets the Wind Turbine virus too (111 of ’em)

If you take a look at the NextEra map for the 63 wind turbine “Goshen Wind” project, you wouldn’t even think the turbines would be larger than a pin head. And conveniently the dots are green…. the same colour as the background. So I helped the company out and put some colourful turbines in myself – I know, they shhould pay me.

While I was at it, I thought you might also like to see the 48 “Grand Bend Wind” turbines that are proposed by Northland Power. Cottagers, while you were worried about the turbines in the lake, these monsters were creeping up behind you on land.