Extensive research on the health and safety effects of wind turbines confirms that:

  • Noise from turbines can be heard up to 2 kms away and can induce sleep disturbance, depression, chronic stress, migraines, nausea and memory loss;
  • Strobe and flicker effects can cause vertigo, dizziness and nausea;
  • Stray voltage near homes can cause dizziness, fatigue, head-aches, burning sensations and have adverse effects on farm animals such as breeding cattle;
  • Blade failure can throw blade pieces and debris over 500 metres;
  • Ice throws can hurl chunks of ice more than 100 metres.

Out of 585 turbines now installed in Ontario, 77 out of 100 people indicate through a community based self-survey that they are experiencing adverse health effects.  See Health survey here:

Ontario Health Survey- updated July 20th, 2009

Interview  with Dr.  McMurtry, MD FRCSC FACS

Industrial Wind Turbines – safe or sound? by Dr. R.Y. McMurtry, MD

Doctor calls for health studies on windmill farms London Free Press Article

Some articles and websites to read:

Wind Turbine Syndrome

Dr. Nina Pierpont- testimony






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