Adelaide- Suncor

Adelaide- Suncor

Adelaide Project- Suncor
Status: Operational

Project Documents

REA Application Documents – Posted July 2012

  1. Draft Project Description Report (PDF, 49 pp., 7,125 KB)
  2. Draft Site Plan Report (PDF, 36 pp., 4,469 KB)
  3. Draft Construction Plan Report (PDF, 31 pp., 7,033 KB)
  4. Draft Design and Operations Report
    Main Report (PDF, 25 pp., 185 KB)
    Appendix A (PDF, 8 pp., 2,287 KB)
    Appendix B (PDF, 119 pp., 9,378 KB)
    Appendix C (PDF, 47 pp., 314 KB)
    Appendix D (PDF, 19 pp., 2,718 KB)
  5. Draft Decommissioning Plan Report (PDF, 12 pp., 537 KB)
  6. Draft Wind Turbine Specifications Report (PDF, 17 pp., 588 KB)
  7. Draft Water Body and Water Assessment Report
    Main Report (PDF, 49 pp., 588 KB)
    Appendix A (PDF, 36 pp., 13,475 KB)
    Appendix B (PDF, 31 pp., ,9,295 KB)
    Appendix C (PDF, 24 pp., 4,325 KB)
    Appendix D (PDF, 42 pp., 5,918 KB)
    Appendix E (PDF, 16 pp., 426 KB)
    Appendix F (PDF, 12 pp., 333 KB)
  8. Natural Heritage Assessment and Environmental Impact Study:
    Main Report (PDF, 139 pp., 1,241 KB)
    Appendix A – Figures (PDF, 38 pp., 13,421 KB)
    Appendix B – Tables (PDF, 57 pp., 1,286 KB)
    Appendix C – Plant List (PDF, 7 pp., 72 KB)
    Appendix D – Wildlife List (PDF, 9 pp., 73 KB)
    Appendix E – Field Notes (PDF, 119 pp., 15,703 KB)
    Appendix F – Field Notes (Golder Associates) (PDF, 43 pp., 2,856 KB)
    Appendix G – Curriculum Vitae (PDF, 14 pp., 518 KB)
  9. Archaeological and Heritage Assessments
    Heritage Assessment Report (PDF, 158 pp., 9,982 KB)
    – Stage 1 Archaeological Assessment (PDF, 64 pp., 6,779 KB)
    Stage 2 Archaeological Assessment (PDF, 178 pp., 9,102 KB)
  10. October 3, 2012 Open House
    – Display Boards (PDF, 22 pp., 22,463KB)
    – Detailed Sound Contour Map (PDF, 1 pp., 1,552KB)
    – Visual Simulations (PDF, 10 pp., 2,874KB)
  11. December 3, 2012
    – Detailed Sound Contour Map – Final (PDF, 1 pp., 3,076 KB)
  1. Hi
    We just moved here 1 year ago and it was only a couple weeks ago that my family and i have learnt that the wind turbines are coming. When we called our township office, we were told that the provincal goverment has taken control of this and township can’t do anything to help us. What can we do?

  2. Hi Scott,
    Sorry, you moved into turbineland… it’s been festering here for probably 5 years.
    The twp COULD do some things, if the councillors all had a spine. They like to say their hands are tied.
    But the provincial government is where the blame really lies. Be sure to attend the Open House meeting in Strathroy held by our MPP McNaughton on Marchh 12th – the meeting is solely about wind turbine developments.
    Also we are tackling the Watford Zephyr appeal. Any donations are much needed and appreciated.

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