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Cedar Point – Suncor Public Meeting April 18 & 19

Notice of a proposal and public meeting

by Suncor Energy Products Inc. to Engage in a Renewable Energy Project

Project Name: Suncor Energy Cedar Point Wind Power Project

Project Location: Town of Plympton Wyoming, Lambton County also Lambton ShoresDated at the town of Plympton-Wyoming and Lambton Shores March 17th, 2012  

Suncor Energy Products Inc. is planning to engage in the renewable energy project in respect of which the issuance of a  Renewable Energy Approval (REA) is required. The distribution of this Notice of Proposal and Public Meeting and the Project itself, are subject to the provisions of the Environmental Protection Act of Ontario (Act) Part v.0.1 and the Ontario Regulation 35/09 (Regulation). This notice is being distributed in accordance with Section 15 of the Regulation prior to an application being submitted and assessed for completeness by the Ministry of the Environment.

Meeting Location

April 18         6-9pm   Camlachie Community Centre     6767 Camlachie Rd, Camlachie ON

April 19         6-9pm   Forest Legion Branch 176           58 Albert St, Forest, ON

Project Description:

Pursuant to the Act and Regulation, the facility, in respect of which the project is to be engaged in, is considered to be a Class 4 wind facility. If approved, this project would have a total maximum name plate capacity of 100MW and include up to 62 wind turbines. The project is descibed in the map below. Read the rest of this entry